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Create Wallet


The initial step of this journey is to set up a secure wallet that only you can access beyond boundries.

Accumulate SATS


Anyone can receive their fair share of Bitcoin since it can be broken down into 100 million SATS.

Store Off-exchange


Store your Bitcoin in a secure offline storage, a cold storage, that's not connected to any exchanges.

Never Sell Bitcoin


Set a target of acquiring one full Bitcoin initially. Once you achieve the goal, repeate the same, never sell.

About Us

Welcome to C O R E S A T S, a collective of Bitcoin enthusiasts who are passionate about the potential of this groundbreaking technology to bring financial freedom to people all over the world.

About Us
About Us

Bitcoin 21

21 Common Questions - Answered for Beginners

Bitcoin and Blockchain technology are complex topics that can be confusing for beginners. If you're new to the world of cryptocurrency, you probably have a lot of questions about Bitcoin, its value, how it works, and more. In this FAQ, we've compiled a list of 21 common questions about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, and provided detailed answers that are easy to understand. Whether you're curious about how transactions are verified, the fees associated with Bitcoin, or the future of this exciting technology, this FAQ has got you covered.

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Bitcoin 21

Secure Wallet with Ledger Products

You are trhee steps away from earning Bitcoin while helping your friend sercure their crypto with the world's crypto wallet leader: Ledger.

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Start Crypto


To refer a friend, and start earning referral rewards, all you'll need is your very own Ledger product. First, get your very one Ledger to get started.

Create Account


When you get your Ledger, download Ledger Live app, connect it to your Ledger product, and nagivate to Discover section to get a referral link.

Refer Friends


Getting a referral link is all automated, and can complete in a few seconds. You can then begin to earn your rewards as you share your link with friends.

One-to-One: FREE

Struggling to setup self-costody wallet? We can help.

Our platform provides personalized assistance to individuals who are facing challenges with setting up a self-custody wallet to securely store their assects, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. We are committed to ensuring that your private key and coin addresses remain private, and will only offer guidance on the specific setup processes that you are having difficulty with. It is important to note that our assistance is completely free of charge, but we do accept donations to help us sustain and improve our services. You can find our donation link at the footer section of our website or in the home section of our app.

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